Handmade ceramics always make your table more beautiful, and your meals more delicious.

I create small batch ceramic collections in my studio in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and sometimes from my satellite studio in Toronto. I make a little bit of a lot of different things, because I hate being on a production line - and because I get new ideas frequently, and can't wait to figure out how to make them. If you see something you like here, best to nab it - as I may move on and never make that sort of thing again. So I hope you will visit here often - there are always new Clayshapes coming out of my kiln. (If you click on the "Gallery" tab, you'll see what I mean).

Before becoming smitten with ceramics, I was a journalist and television producer.  It was a 30-year+ career of meeting and talking with a lot of interesting people, writing down or filming what they had to say, traveling all over the world and working with some pretty talented crews. It was fun. But somehow, this seems better.

Follow me on Instagram @Clayshapes (https://www.instagram.com/clayshapes/) and Facebook "Clayshapes" (https://www.facebook.com/Clayshapes/ ) for a daily peek inside my studio process.

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